How to make a loan?

The lenders of the Best Lending community belong to a successful model: P2P loan platforms. In this online model, people looking for loans find people who are looking to lend, with the particularity that they can obtain returns ranging from 8.90 percent to 28.90 percent.

We offer you the best option to grow your money with rates well above inflation and with low risk. If you already looked at him, we tell you how to become a lender.

How to make a loan in Best Lending:

How to make a loan in Best Lending:

First of all, you have to register in the community of Best Lending as a lender. Enter the section called I want to lend on the page; in the registry, you will be asked for an email, a username, and a password.

Then you just have to:

  • Transfer money from your bank account to your Best Lending account.
  • Interact with the applicants and choose those options that you consider funding.
  • Receive payments to your account and increase your savings

In Best Lending, you can start funding with a loan of 250 pesos

In Best Lending you can start funding with a loan of 250 pesos

But we recommend you start your career as a lender with 10 thousand pesos so that you can diversify your loans and reduce the risk.

For example, if you pay 50 thousand pesos with Best Lending, you can diversify it into up to 200 different loans. Assuming that the loan rate is 19.9 percent annually with a three-year term, and 5 people do not make any loan payments, you will have lost only 1,250 pesos.

However, over 3 years you will have received 64 thousand 481.37 pesos net of commissions. This translates into an annual yield of 16.30 percent.

In the extreme case that 10 percent of the applicants do not pay from the beginning, that is to say, 20 of the 200 credits, you would still have a positive annual return of 10.25 percent, considering that you return to provide the returns obtained.

We also offer you all the information you need as a lender to make decisions about your money


Through your account, you can access data about the money you have paid, the amount in your portfolio, the interest you have collected, the detailed status of all your loans and the performance obtained.

You just have to choose the candidates and receive the returns. We take care of filtering credit applicants, assigning the loan rate, generating credit contracts and collecting both current loans and delinquent credit management.