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Paycheck credit is considered by many the darling among the loans. This is because its advantages are very attractive and the facility to obtain it is practically irresistible for those who are in need of money.

But do you know this credit? Do you know how it works? Read our article and stay inside the consignment loan details.

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What is a payday loan?

It is a line of credit granted to employees of public and private companies, as well as pensioners of the INSS and retirees. This type of loan is usually less bureaucratic than the conventional ones, in addition to operating with lower interest rates and more parcels.

Although it is more bureaucratic, mere solicitation of the loan does not guarantee that it will be approved. Banks and operators make a rigorous credit analysis and if any registry irregularity is found or if it is found that the applicant is unable to afford the installments, the loan will probably be denied.

Payday loans direct lenders are quite simple- check this. The amount of the benefit is deducted directly from the worker’s payroll or the amount of social security benefit. This practice provides security for the banks and convenience and convenience for the borrower.

It is worth mentioning that it is indispensable that the credit solicitor does not commit more than 30% of his income with loans. More than this will be lacking in the budget and will hamper the maintenance of the essential expenses with housing, transportation, food, and others, besides being the maximum allowed.

Who can apply for payroll deductible credit?

Who can apply for payroll deductible credit?

Generally, we have already explained who is eligible to apply for the loan, but see in detail the categories of citizens who can apply for this line of credit:

  • Professionals with a formal contract (CLT), who work in public or private companies. The company must have an agreement with the bank or financial operator.

  • Municipal, state and federal public officials;

  • Members of the armed forces;

  • Pensioners and retirees of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS);



Payroll deductible credit is considered a good alternative to take out expensive debts, such as overdraft and credit card. In addition, in emergency cases, when there is no financial reserve, this type of loan is an option.

However, like any other line of credit, the payroll loan requires a lot of care and planning. Do not just get carried away by the facilities! It is important to evaluate your budget and your real needs before applying for the loan. No matter how small or better it may be, you can not forget that it is a debt.