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The game is essentially an Indian one, though there is no clear-cut evidence about its origin. The game of kabaddi is in existence for over 4000 years. The historian’s surmise is that the game might have developed during prehistoric times when man was forced to defend himself from sudden attacks from ferocious beasts. They used to form groups of individuals and attack the animal. 

There is also another school of thought, more particularly, in India, which believes that the game might have emerged from the battle of "Kurukshetra", a very absorbing episode exceptionally told in one of the famous Indian epics, Mahabharatha. (It is in this historic battlefield, Lord Krishna, acting as a charioteer to Arjuna gave to this world one of the best magnum opus ever, "The Bhagavat Gita"). In that particular episode, Arjuna's son, Abhimanyu was engaged in a fierce battle with a set of 7 fighters. They skillfully defended themselves by instituting a difficult blockade called "Chakravyuha" (It resembles a chariot wheel like in online poker at play USA poker games). 


He successfully assaulted the warriors and broke the blockade. (However, Abhimanyu was killed in the end). The important point is that he had broken the blockade. The game of Kabaddi is believed to have developed from this episode of the Epic Mahabharatha. A raider (Abhimanyu) raids the 7 warriors (the opposing team) in their courtyard! This is the basis of kabaddi! .

Kabaddi is an outdoor team sport unlike mobile poker . It requires stamina, both mental and physical skills, extraordinary reflexes and exceptional eye-hand-leg coordination. It has a distinct flavor which resembles in some aspects that of both wresting and rugby games

It is a game played throughout Asia with very minor changes and totally new to the other parts of the world. In a very short time that the game is played – normally 40 minutes with a break of 5 or 10 minutes in the middle – it exercises your whole body. A lesser known aspect of the game is its commercial value. Kabbadi is a game that incorporates both skill and luck and therefore is an interesting gamble. Sometimes it can be harder to predict than the latest lottery results or roulette but other times if you have a good eye for the game, you can predict a winner.

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